Ziyang`s Week 5 PPJ


This week we skipped the concept art developing to create the real aesthetic stuffs for our game. we discussed how our map will look like, how many rooms we need build, what specific items will show in the map, and character animation in 2d in the meeting on Wednesday. My job is that start to build basic 3d modeling for a room and a sideway basing on the style of Mayan culture. Since I didn`t hear anything about the detail of the room layout, I did some researches about the structure of Mayan temple and then adding things in my room modeling.  Also, I help my teammate to do a little bit animation of one character using software called Spine.  Generally, I feel really good now because we finally have a goal to catch on. The other important thing is our team plus our CS team start to use Traser to connect each other.


Meeting with advisor: 1h

Meeting with DIGM members: 1h

Meeting with all members: 1.5h

Meeting with Resh on Sunday for Unity test: 1h

3D modeling work: 4h

Character animation work: 3h

Total: 11.5h

Positive: Our CS members almost finish the game prototype, we can start to the do playtest in 3 weeks later, which makes everyone feel comfortable to process their own task.

We have a clear plan of division of tasks, no one has questions about it.

Negative: Since I missed a discussion of map requirement, my modeling has a trouble to see details from the top view in the camera of Unity. It leads we have to re-design the map but they don`t think it is serious.

This is the snapshot of my temple modeling.


Fancier Fish Week 5 Project Update (10/18 to 10/25)

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • Informal DIGM work meeting (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Character visual development   (2 hrs)
  • Environment visual development (3 hrs)
  • Environment Implementation (3 hrs)
  • CS development (18 hrs)




  • The map is created, and has been put into Unity as a first draft for testing purposes


  • It took us this long to get things into Unity.

Total Hours for the week: 36


Resh Week 5 Project Production Journal (Maps!)

Maps happened this week!

What does that mean? It means models for the environment started coming together, and were finally put in Unity, meaning I had some non-spreadsheet, non-boring work actually worth showing!



Maps! – 4 hours

Design work (Scaling down what goes into our vertical slice, as well as settling some gameplay related arguments about round length) – 2 hours

Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 8 hours



Look at that map! That is a nice map!


I kinda fell behind and had to spend the end of the week making it up.


Items’ Graphic! Week 5 PPJ

My major task this week is to design our in game items. We came up an item list during the meeting. Although we may not going to implant all of the items functional in game this quarter, we still want to have all each of them visually designed. In order to design the items well, I did researches and took consider about the game’s art style, lore, and also the depth of details. Nevertheless, we have officially started using Tracer as our project management tool this week.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Monday meeting, we met with our adviser and gave him the report of our current status. We gave him a promise of playable content in 3 weeks.  (1 hr)
  • After we dismissed, we had a Skype meeting on DIGM side. We have made final decision of character concept art.  (0.5hr)
  • On Wednesday weekly meeting, we went through and modified our task list. After that,  We went through the function of Tracer and each of us are assigned tasks for the week. (1hr)
  • During the weekend, I did the research about all of the items that I was going to create art (1hr)
  • After the research I created graphic art for all 6 of the items: Dynamite, whip, snake basket, golden orb, gem, and monkey. The images below are how they look like in game. (5hr) However, they still need to be animated. Furthermore, because the items are also shown on phone as items in the inventory, I planned to make each of them an in-inventory-icon.

item_dynamite item_dynamite_iconitem_gem item_gem_iconitem_whipitem_whip_iconitem_goldenOrb item_monkey    item_snakeBasket

  • Writing PPJ of week 5 (0.5hr)

Positive: By using Traser to manage each person’s tasks is the best! It show what we have done, what we are doing and what we are going to achieve. It is a great tool.

Negative: I haven’t communicate with the team about the idea of using the icons to represent them in the inventory. That’s why I only have 3 of them as concept to see if they appreciate this idea.

Total hour: 9hrs

Jordie PPJ Week 5

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meet [Skype] (1hr)

• Advisor Meeting (1 hr)

• Meeting with Pat [Skype]  (1 hr)

• Full Team Meeting (2 hrs)


• Redraw Doll and Rig in Spine (6 hrs)

• Environmental texture Work (5 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 16 hours

Some Artwork I’ve Made:

Environmental Textures:


Doll For Rigging:


Test Animation:



-Got sprite DONE; it’s all rigged for our first iteration. We’ll have to do more and I’ll be fixing and tweaking it in the next week

-Photoshop part of sprite task took FAR less time than anticipated


-Didn’t get as much animation done by Monday meeting with Wagner as I wished I could spend time on- had to send that task down the line

-test animation doesn’t loop seemlessly


Art, Design, team fancierfish, Jordie, meetings, animation

Fancier Fish Week 4 Project Update (10/12 to 10/17)

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Character visual development   (2 hrs)
  • Environment visual development (3 hrs)
  • Map design first production draft work (3 hrs)
  • CS development (6 hrs)




  • Character concepts are almost finalized. They’ll be done within the week..


  • Some group members had to focus on other classes and obligations this week.

Total Hours for the week: 21


Resh Week 4 Project Production Journal

Things are going pretty well I’d say! We’re finishing up the initial concepting for our characters, and the map design is also coming along nicely!


Map design happened. It was more based on aesthetics than layout. – 2 hours

Design work- 2 hours

Meetings – 2 hours


Total: 6.5 hours



We’re still on schedule and everything is going okay on that front!


I got sidetracked with work for other classes this week.


Jordie PPJ Week 4

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meet  (1.5 hrs)

• Quick Meeting with Berton (.5 hrs)


• Revamp Design Work For Player Sprites/Concept work (6 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 8 hours

Some Artwork I’ve Made:

Additional Iteration Character Sheet:

role designs_edited


-We nailed down some basic ideas for the player sprites.

-Got more iterations for player sprites done

-Presentation went well! Got more advice on how to pitch one of the most important aspects to our game.


-Other classes deadlines hit at once; was barely able to get much work done

-Want and need more time to get stuff done


Art, Design, team fancierfish, Jordie, meetings

Refine the Arts! Week 4 Journal

My job this week is to refine the concept arts according to the feed back from the meeting, as well as make a mock up of how environment frame looks like.

Hours breakdown:

  • On Wednesday, we had our weekly DIGM group meeting. During the meeting we had made a lot comments to the concept arts and GUI design. Also, we did research together of the art style for the environment. (1.5hr)
  • The feed back for GUI was that 20’s did not have computer. Therefore, my computer-screen-like-GUI does not work. That was a good point, so I did some changes to the initial design.( 1.5hr)ui_ver2
  • i refined the character concept arts according to meeting feedback. (3hr)roles_concept_ver2
  • i made a sample for our game environment. (2hr)map_concept

Positive: Everything that was planning to be done has been done. 

Negative: Because I attended a wedding this weekend, I couldn’t get much done until Sunday. Although I let Resh know about the situation, it’s still 1 day later than the schedule. 

Total Hours for the week: 8 hrs



Concepting that jazz. Pat week 4

Patrick martin

Meetings: 3h
Room concepting: 3h
Character concepting: 1.5h
Documentation: 1h

8.5 Hrs total

This week as a group now that we are past the major presentation we decided to put pen to paper and are making a major effort to make a full style. I personally sketched out a few room designs and made a design for our masked hero character. This took me longer than usual for me because I am slightly out of practice and drawing takes me a lot of time.

As a group we are more understanding of where we are going in an art direction and enviornmental construction will be happening soon.

I was sidetracked somewhat because a couple classes had big assignments due.