Concept Art! Week 3 Journal

My job this week is fully focused on concept art for the project. We have nailed down to 6 roles from 10 roles during this week’s meeting. Therefore, doing the concept art for those roles has the highest priority.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Wednesday meeting, we nailed down the 6 roles that are going to be in the game. We decided what weapon and utility items that each role going to have. Besides all of those, we prepared the Powerpoint for presentation together at the meeting. (1hr)
  • ui_infoMock up on phone GUI (2.5hrs)
  • roles_concept5 roles characters’ concept arts (5hrs)
  • Writing PPJ of the week (0.5hr)

Positive: Drawing concepts arts is a really pleasant experience. Because our game is aiming at very casual art style, so I could stay in a happy mood when I was designing them. GUI mock up was supposed to be finished last week, but I pushed it to this week. This gives me more time to design it both function and appeal satisfied.

Negative: Missed our Friday group meeting, but I got the meeting notes so I know what’s going on.  

Total Hours for the week: 9 hrs