Resh Week 3 Project Production Journal

So! A lot happened this week and by some miracle we’re once more on track with what we initially planned!

Meetings with our adviser, as well as meetings with EGS and general purpose group meetings all happened. Specifically, we settled on some sizing things, some map things, and some color things. Mechanics were also reworked to better fit the style of game we want to make. – 7 hours total

We prototyped our map some more, settling on a “final” design that will influence our plans moving forward. – 2.5 hours

Design work- 2 hours


Total: 11.5 hours



We had a good week, in my opinion. Things ran smoothly and we hit all the things we intended to hit. It was a little choppy at some parts but we’re in no worse shape than we thought we’d be in around this time, so it all worked out.


We should have had some of these things settled weeks ago, but it couldn’t be helped seeing as other groups got a significant head start on us.