Ziyang`s week 4_PPJ


This week we continue focusing on concept art for characters, map and GUI. Since we haven`t  an agreement for villain and hero art-look, me and my other two members need to re-draw them. So far, I have already done for the villain, but I am really confusing about our concept for the hero, so I block on here.  Also, I did a litter art drawing for our map concept, but I am actually out of time because this week is my busy week.


Meeting on Wednesday: 1.5h

Concept art working: 4h

Meeting on Monday: 1h

Total hours: 6.5h

Positive: Fortunately, we have three art designers in our team, so if someone fail the task, we, at least, have two more options to catch our timeline.

Negative: we probably need to meet more times than just 2 meeting each week, there are some things we still haven`t a decision.


zp38_concept art