Refine the Arts! Week 4 Journal

My job this week is to refine the concept arts according to the feed back from the meeting, as well as make a mock up of how environment frame looks like.

Hours breakdown:

  • On Wednesday, we had our weekly DIGM group meeting. During the meeting we had made a lot comments to the concept arts and GUI design. Also, we did research together of the art style for the environment. (1.5hr)
  • The feed back for GUI was that 20’s did not have computer. Therefore, my computer-screen-like-GUI does not work. That was a good point, so I did some changes to the initial design.( 1.5hr)ui_ver2
  • i refined the character concept arts according to meeting feedback. (3hr)roles_concept_ver2
  • i made a sample for our game environment. (2hr)map_concept

Positive: Everything that was planning to be done has been done. 

Negative: Because I attended a wedding this weekend, I couldn’t get much done until Sunday. Although I let Resh know about the situation, it’s still 1 day later than the schedule. 

Total Hours for the week: 8 hrs