Items’ Graphic! Week 5 PPJ

My major task this week is to design our in game items. We came up an item list during the meeting. Although we may not going to implant all of the items functional in game this quarter, we still want to have all each of them visually designed. In order to design the items well, I did researches and took consider about the game’s art style, lore, and also the depth of details. Nevertheless, we have officially started using Tracer as our project management tool this week.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Monday meeting, we met with our adviser and gave him the report of our current status. We gave him a promise of playable content in 3 weeks.  (1 hr)
  • After we dismissed, we had a Skype meeting on DIGM side. We have made final decision of character concept art.  (0.5hr)
  • On Wednesday weekly meeting, we went through and modified our task list. After that,  We went through the function of Tracer and each of us are assigned tasks for the week. (1hr)
  • During the weekend, I did the research about all of the items that I was going to create art (1hr)
  • After the research I created graphic art for all 6 of the items: Dynamite, whip, snake basket, golden orb, gem, and monkey. The images below are how they look like in game. (5hr) However, they still need to be animated. Furthermore, because the items are also shown on phone as items in the inventory, I planned to make each of them an in-inventory-icon.

item_dynamite item_dynamite_iconitem_gem item_gem_iconitem_whipitem_whip_iconitem_goldenOrb item_monkey    item_snakeBasket

  • Writing PPJ of week 5 (0.5hr)

Positive: By using Traser to manage each person’s tasks is the best! It show what we have done, what we are doing and what we are going to achieve. It is a great tool.

Negative: I haven’t communicate with the team about the idea of using the icons to represent them in the inventory. That’s why I only have 3 of them as concept to see if they appreciate this idea.

Total hour: 9hrs