Ziyang`s Week 5 PPJ


This week we skipped the concept art developing to create the real aesthetic stuffs for our game. we discussed how our map will look like, how many rooms we need build, what specific items will show in the map, and character animation in 2d in the meeting on Wednesday. My job is that start to build basic 3d modeling for a room and a sideway basing on the style of Mayan culture. Since I didn`t hear anything about the detail of the room layout, I did some researches about the structure of Mayan temple and then adding things in my room modeling.  Also, I help my teammate to do a little bit animation of one character using software called Spine.  Generally, I feel really good now because we finally have a goal to catch on. The other important thing is our team plus our CS team start to use Traser to connect each other.


Meeting with advisor: 1h

Meeting with DIGM members: 1h

Meeting with all members: 1.5h

Meeting with Resh on Sunday for Unity test: 1h

3D modeling work: 4h

Character animation work: 3h

Total: 11.5h

Positive: Our CS members almost finish the game prototype, we can start to the do playtest in 3 weeks later, which makes everyone feel comfortable to process their own task.

We have a clear plan of division of tasks, no one has questions about it.

Negative: Since I missed a discussion of map requirement, my modeling has a trouble to see details from the top view in the camera of Unity. It leads we have to re-design the map but they don`t think it is serious.

This is the snapshot of my temple modeling.