Refine and refine: Week 6 PPJ

This week, my goal is to refine and finalize our in game items. I received feedback during both the adviser meeting and DIGM group meeting. The line weight and shading for each character needs to be unified. Also, we reviewed the new on phone UI that I made two weeks ago and the group pointed out some changes to it.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Monday meeting, we met with our adviser and gave him the report of our current status. He saw the item art that I made and provided feedback.  (1 hr)
  • On Wednesday DIGM weekly meeting, we went over the precise measurement of the map and my art works. I am going to use monkey’s line weight’s thinner version plus the snake basket’s shading on all of the item arts. As a result, it will eventually make the art style unified. At the meanwhile, we tried out the on-phone UI on mobile devices and we see it’s layout fits them every well. However, we want to emphasize the typewriter concept more, so the buttons need to be redesign.(2hrs)
  • Full group meeting on Friday. We talk about how to set up Perforce and the dynamic camera options for the game.  (1hr)
  • I refined the art for all 6 of the items: Dynamite, whip, snake basket, golden orb, gem, and monkey. The images below are how they look like on phone. (3hr)  Btw, The icon concept was ditched.

items_diamond_ve2 items_dynamite_ve2 items_goldenOrb_ve2items_monkey_ve2 items_snakeBasket_ve2 items_whip_ver2

  • I remade and re-organized the buttons for UI mock-up. (3hr) I am really satisfied with this 3rd version of UI.


  • Writing PPJ of week 5 (0.5hr)

Positive: The feedback about my art works that I received this week was very straight forward and useful. It points out where should I improve clearly.

Negative: I haven’t set up Perforce yet. Need to do it sooner.

Total hour: 10.5hrs