Ziyang`s Week 6 PPJ


This Week my previous goal was to help animate our character in the game, but I was assigned to modeling our map with precise measurement in Wednesday meeting. I got all requirements measurement for each room from our meeting, and I worked on that using the entire afternoon of a day because I was struggling with incoordination between our layout and our measurement in actual see.


Meeting with advisor on Monday: 1h

(I misunderstanded in our goal for last week, I helped to animate character, but issues on the rigging and my other assignments bogged down me to fin. It led our team hard to show more stuff during the meeting, and I felt very sorry. )

Meeting with DIGM team on Wednesday: 1h

(We talked about more details for developing our game, and base on the suggestion from our advisor, we make some plans to modify it.)

Meeting with All crew on Friday: 1h

(Basically, we decided to use Perforce and Slack to communicate each other.)

Working on Map model: 5h

(Like I mentioned above, the data of size I got in meeting was not exactly become our layout looking, so I have to change some sizes to make it match our layout, and I sent to our group chat waiting feedback.  )

Total: 8h.

Positive: each one got clear task this week, and won`t happen misunderstand again.

Negative: I am still waiting for feedback, otherwise I don`t know what I was done is fine or not.

I didn`t set up Perforce yet, will do it later.