Busy Week 7 PPJ

This week, a lot of things happened. Because we promised Wagner a nice vertical slice for next Monday, we have to get a lot done this week.

Hours Breakdown:

  • We had a huge play test section in EGS  on Tuesday afternoon. Over 15 testers played our game and filled up the survey. (1.5hrs)
  • We had a DIGM meeting on Wednesday. We discussed how I need to modify the Golden Orb. First, it needs to be orbit instead of a random shape. Second, it need to have Mayan style decoration. Third, it needs to be shinny. Also, we planned that I will help Jordie to do the character animation. (1.5hrs)
  • I finally learned and set up Perforce. Also, I got it connected to Unity on my laptop. (1hr)
  • I did the color adjustment to the UI and final adjustment. Then I exported all the background, buttons, icons as separate sprite. They are ready to be implanted. (1hr)
  • We had a full group meeting on Friday. We analyzed the play test data from Tuesday. I was requested to do the in-game whip animation. We discussed 10 frame animation will be good enough for it.(1.5hrs)
  • Reworked on Golden Orb according to the discussion. (1hr)


  • On Saturday, I realized that Jordie finished all the character animation, so I don’t need to do any. The attacking animation was finished by Jordie, so I need to animate the whip according to the character’s movement. In this case, there were 30 frame instead of 10 frames which surprised me. Therefore, I did the whip animation accommodate to 30 frame version. That took longer than I thought. (3hrs)
  • Write this PPJ (0.5hr)

Positive: Perforce is a great tool to share files. It is good that it has been set up. Communicating with group members during the production is very nice. Programming side people are very nice to hold my hands and walk me through Perforce work flow (log the changes, submit the files, etc).

Negative: This week was pretty much packed up. Tired.

Total Hours: 11 hours