Jordie PPJ Week 7

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Team Meeting Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


• Fixing Base Model for Front (Spine stuff) and Animated everything for the side- rendered out and put on perforce (3 hrs)

• Redraw hands and feet for back Model- and fix model in spine (2 hrs)

•Experiment in spine to make sure the draw function could be animated and get skins working (1 hr)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (.5 hrs)

•Ended up working on Logo for the Game (.5 hrs) Didn’t need to get done but it was something I just felt like working on.

Total hours for the Week: 11 hrs 


-I finished the front model, rerigged it, and animated the side. It went MUCH faster than I expected- Figured out another function within spine to make my work go much faster. This program has a lot more to it than I realized. Once I figured out the trick to keying that I can also do the skins so much easier! It’s not magic, it’s still work, but this is FAR faster than drawing everything by hand! Very Happy > W <

-The back rig is troublesome in how it works but should function fine moving forward

-Got done what was planned

-Should be able to do that next week the archeologist skin- and after that I’ll be completely done with what I needed to get done with this vertical slice!! So I’ll be two weeks ahead of time (technically) which means I can finish the animations for what other items we’re using for the game (which was more or less a stretch goal it felt like same time last week) and (maybe) I can work on the skins for the other characters.

-Perforce is working well- I’m super happy with how easily I can use it. Just gotta understand how it version saves— because I’m automatically still putting v1, v2 etc on my stuff. Oops? Good habit but evidently not for this.


-While I finished what I had planned to do this week… but in the middle of the week I added more work onto what I wanted to get done. That didn’t get finished. It’s just drawing the skins and animating the front and the back that I also wished to finish.


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