Ziyang Pan`s Week 7 PPJ


Since we promised Wagner to show a nice slice in the meeting tomorrow, we all have lots of tasks to do this week. According to the meeting on Friday we discussed, we will finish most things of our game including character animation,  a good UI design, map with texture, and stuff inside the map. Everyone work hard at this time, and I feel pretty good that we will catch our schedule. This week my task was to model all stuffs inside our map, we have some reference images about Maya temple style , but most time I need to use my imagination to guess what stuff should appear in the temple, so I spent a entire day working on our project.


Meeting on Monday: 1h.

Meeting on Wednesday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h

Working on Project: 9h

Total: 12.5h


I finished the model of stuff inside our map before Sunday, and it allows my other teammates have time to continue working on that, UV out and texture on.

We have play-test party in EGS on Tuesday. l10~15 people from outside came to play our game and left feedback to us, which is very benefit for us to modify our game.

I hear lots of things done from other teammates this week, so I think our senior project is processing in the positive way.


My laptop has a serious issue that can`t install Perforce. none of our teammates can figure out what`s going on, and they all have already installed Perforce in their laptop. I feel so sad for it.

Since we all have different versions of maya, we got the issue that can`t open my file in their laptop. But finally we solve it.