A lot of concerns: Week 8 PPJ

This week is like a nightmare.

Hours breakdown:

Attended meeting with the Prof. Wagner on Monday. He pointed out that the 2D character does not blend with the 3D background. Surprisingly that was my concern on week 1. Prof. Wagner said that the character looked like it was rolling on the floor in stead of walking. Furthermore, the light in the environment does not lit up the 2D character, which breaks the connection between them even more. Therefore, we had 2 options: 1.we adjust the environment camera angle as well as the player character and make the player responsive to the light in the environment;  2. 2D sprites are taken placed by 3D character. However, team members were not willing to pick the second option, because that will turn all the current character art assets into ash. Although I personally think it won’t work as well as we thought, option 1 is the easiest fix to this problem. In this case, my job was look into solutions to make 2D sprites lit up by the light in the environment. (1.5hrs)

I looked into Unity official website and youtube tutorials  in order to searched for solutions. Eventually, it seems like the answer to lit up 2D sprite is possible by using 3D materials. (2hrs)

We had our DIGM meeting on Wednesday.  I provided a lot of 2D top-down games’ screen shot samples to the group. I hoped we could have some good references to adjust the camera angle in our game. At the meanwhile, I told my group that I had solution to make the 2D character sprite affected by light. (1.5hrs)

On Friday full group meeting, we talked about the UI.  During the meeting, we went through Unity project, and the UI structure was too complicated for me to do any editing to UI. Furthermore, programming team were not able to fulfill my design of the phone UI layout. We are not going to have player icon nor player name tag, at least in this quarter. Before the meeting ended, Resh told me that I need to make the player sprites responsive to the light by the end of Saturday. (2hrs)

I made the player sprites were able to respond to light. (0.5hr) However, Perforce had problem that I couldn’t upload it. I asked for help in our group chat but no one responded. I fixed it by myself at the end.

Made mock up for ip sign-in screen UI and option menu. (3 hours)startServerScreen_


Writing PPJ. (1hr)

Positive: We meetings in this week cleared out all the fogs in this project. It’s good to know how we went wrong as well as what were doable. It makes everything realistic.

Negative: I was sad to know that I had no ability of  convince other people. The problem that prof. Wagner pointed out on Monday was foresee by myself on week 1. The group were so confident about 2D sprite + 3D environment that no one gave shit about my concern. Under current situation, in the worst scenario, we have to make 3D characters from scratch and do the rigging and animation. My UI design couldn’t be fulfilled and I just got noticed on week 8. The only things that are workable are buttons. The whole design was pointless and I got to do more. This makes me so disappointed that I got no one to blame, but myself. I 100% finished all the tasks each week but I felt I had accomplished nothing.

Total hours: 11.5 hours