Resh Week 8 Project Production Journal


What happened this week?

Things are going too smoothly, and in weird ways.

We did some major lighting tests, trying to anchor our player character into the game better than it already was, as there have apparently been some concerns about how well our character will mesh with the environment. I’ve personally spent the week trying to get our lights functioning in a way that actually has them working, and not conflicting with each other so hard that we lose performance.


Additionally, we started work on our end of term presentation, going over the basics of how we want to present, and how we want to lay out various concepts.

Also, the programming team learned the hard way that if they move the camera, all of our 2D colliders will completely break, so I got to spend a night fixing them! (Sarcastic yay!)


Lighting Experimentation and optimization – 8 hours

Fixing Colliders – 4 hours

Presentation Design – 3 hours

Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 19 hours

Positives: As far as we know internally, we’re on track for the deadlines we set for ourselves.

Negatives: There’s no way things will keep going this smoothly. Additionally, apparently there’s some discontent within the group, but we’ll be giving everyone a chance to voice their concerns within the next day or so.