UVs, among other things. Week 8

Hours breakdown:

This week was rather stressful after hearing Wagner was disappointed with our current progress and his thought that we should redo the character to fix the aesthetic of the game. We don’t have time to be scrapping things at this point with our deadline basically being the end of winter term. I had to prepare for Wednesday by finding different examples of games that had a similar angle to ours to see how we could solve the issue. On Wednesday, we managed to agree that if we were going to revisit the character it would have to be first week next term and this term would need to be to finish as strong as we can with what we have. Jordie, Resh, and I worked on the game Logo and the presentation for this week. I also took the time to UV unwrap the models. There were some defects and oversights in the geometry that had to be fixed. That task took longer than expected. Textures for those items will be pumped out next week.

Meeting with Wagner – 1.5 hr
DIGM meeting – 1 hr
Friday Meeting – 1 hr
Find Top down game examples – 1h
Assisted in designing the Logo and Presentation – 3hr
UV unwrapping secondary models – 6 hr
PPJ- .5

I am glad UVs are done for this term. We had setbacks in our aestetic but we should be able to bring it together nicely.

There was some communication breakdown this week at the meetings and some people were going rogue with ideas that we don’t have time to finish with. I was delayed in my task to get textures because of the objects needing to be UVed and the defects that they had.

Total hours: 14 hours