Ziyang`s Week 8 PPJ


In the meeting of Monday, we showed our advisor what our game looks like so far.  Mr. Wargner admired our map environment and texture layout, but he felt the 2d character is not fit with our 3d environment, and pointed out the issue on the perspective of character, is lying on the ground not walking on the ground. It came up a question we mainly discuss this week. In the end, we decided to add light effect on character to see if it`s helpful. However; I personly think that we need model character in 3d, rigging that and animating that. Although it is hard, 3d animation is what I learned in three years at Drexel University. However; I am not the leader of our project. Because of I did a good assignment on stimulation class, my teammate asked me to make a fire effect in Maya, that`s the main task for me this week. I tried my best to make it well, but the issue happened on Vray, I can`t render it all, so I have to use mental ray to render instead.


Meeting on Monday: 1.5h

Meeting on Wednesday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h

Working on Fire simulation: 3h

Total: 6.5h

Positive:  I did not hear any bad feedback from advisor about what I did for our project so far, which is of benefit to me to continue working on our next step with confident.

Negative:  I really feel every time we meet, we always put something later to talk, and then put our later talking thing later talk. It made everyone have different thoughts of our joint work, and lots of misunderstands happened when we meet together. I think one of us need to stand up as a manager of our senior project. and he/she can, at least, control everything.

The fire simulation I did this week.