Thanksgiving Week

We have 2 weeks to cover for this PPJ

Hours Breakdown:

Week 9:

  • Meeting with wagner (1h)
    We discussed the 2d in 3d problem with him and Found out what we were doing was working better than expected.
  • Wednesday meeting (1hr).
    We discussed a menu system with the group and decided to go with a flipping signboard. I was told that i need to finish the textures for the secondaries.
  • Friday meeting. (1.5 hrs)
    We discussed sound with our new sound designer and game systems.

Week 10:

  • Textures for Secondaries (6h)
    This took quite a bit of time because of how many pieces there were that needed Unique textures.
  • Updated Presentation (1.5h)
    Our Presentation needed to be restructured so I worked on that.
  • Writing this PPJ (0.5 hr)

Total hours:  11.5hr

Positive: Glad textures are done for this iteration and enjoyed turkey.

Negative: Thanksgiving put most of the group into a turkey coma. Especially me and I wasn’t overly available when I was at home.