End of Act 1: Resh Week 11 Project Production Journal



So, today I can sum up what’s been done over the past few weeks months.

Start to finish, I had my hands in a lot of the processes, so I helped with map design, character design, helped set up the actual map in Unity, concepting, blah blah blah. I wrote other PPJ’s for that stuff. Instead, I’m going to reflect a little on how it all feels like it worked out:

In short, it worked out pretty well. Things felt a little slow at first, and they were. We dawdled on character designs for too long, and I let that happen despite my job being keeping us on task. We fell behind in some spots, but got almost completely back on track, and I feel like I did a good job at making sure we pointed in the right direction to move forward even if we weren’t where we wanted to be by the end of things.


Creation of presentation build – 8 hours

Edits to presentation – 8 hours

Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 20 hours + a lot of crying