First Act Finale: Patrick Martin Week 11 PPJ


This is finally the end of the term.

Beginning the week, there was a lot of stress over the group final presentation. I had worked on it for a decent amount of time before our meeting on Monday with professor Wagner. That meeting didn’t go well and as a team we worked for about 6 hours to fix it.In the end, that work particularly paid off and we ended up having a pretty good presentation on Tuesday.

Outside of that, it is finals week and I personally have been particularly focused on making sure to get everything set up and turned in before the due dates. Therefore, I wasn’t particularly helpful with production this week. On the good side, in the digm meeting and the Full group meeting we managed to figure out where we were going more solidly and were using the criticism we received at the presentation constructively.



Fixing the presentation – 7 hours

Meetings – 1h Wagner
1.5h Digm meeting
2h Full group meeting

PPJ – .5h

Total: 12 hours

Good: We managed to get the presentation turned around very quickly and finish the term with a good final.

Bad: It is finals week and I was not as productive as I could have been.