Jordie PPJ Week 11

The end of the term. This week we decided as a team the next direction we’re going which means the work I was previously doing was not longer necessary so I stopped the meaningless work of finishing up the archeologist since the art assets were being scrapped anyhow.

Hours Breakdown:


• Wagner meeting (prior to presentations) – (1 hr)

• I missed the digm meeting, caught up later

• Team meeting (2 hrs)

• Presentation reworking (5 hrs)


•Created a five page document outlining my approach to sprite creation from the start with a flat character image all the way to spine for skinning, animating, and back into photoshop for final touches and optimization. (4 hrs)

Total hours: 12 hrs



-We fixed our presentation from what we presented to Wagner on Monday; while we stumbled slightly during our presentation it was overall successful. The questions thrown at us were questions we had the answers to but in the moment failed to explain.

-We have a giant plan of what we’re doing next term, over break, and how we’re going to move forward! Very positive.

-Had an entire team meeting where we got major design decisions for next term knocked out. Everyone seems excited to work on our game again.

-The entire team played a version of mafia at the end of our meeting which was really fun

– My job as been officially documented (by me) and all of the repetitive tasks I’ve been doing that anyone can do are now being passed to other people. It leaves me with more time to focus on what I can do for the team best.

-Overall while the term had ups and downs we have systems in place to move forward very quickly. Everyone’s on the same page and we are better equipped to move forward and create a FANTASTIC game!

-Next term my workload has diminished considerably freeing me up to work on senior project. (Supposedly but now is the time to be more positive)

-I have various plans on how to move forward with marketing.


-Little nervous being apart from the whole team by the entire country, and three timezones. (timezones suck so much) while reconcepting and I am nervous I’ll fall off the map.



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