Second quarter!Week 1 PPJ

This week, we resumed our project from a  3-week-break. We did not start production right away. Instead, we had couple meetings and clarified our current state and arranged what we need to do next.

Hours Breakdown:

We supposed to have a meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday, but he did not show up. We waited for 30 mins. During this time, CS team gave us a list of new function that they developed.

I attended our DIGM group meeting on Saturday, we arranged our tasks as well as our goal for the quarter. (1.5 hours)

I made the concept sprite (first draft) of healing icon, and both gun and healing gun. (3hours) We are not allowed to use a cross with red color, because Red Cross owns it. Therefore, we need to come up our own design. As for the Illusory wall, I did some research of it, and I think I need more information of it before I can work on it.

healHere is our healing Icon!

items_gunGun!items_healingGunHealing Gun!


Positive: I accomplished modifying character body type during the break!

Negative: Prof. Wagner forgot about our meeting.

Total hour: 5hours



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