Ziyang`s Winter WK01`s PPJ


This is the first week of winter term, we planed lots of things for the rest of weeks in our group meeting on Saturday. Since the new term, our course schedules are ways different with last term, we find out what time we can set up for our group meeting and we decide 4 pm on every Thursday, and our adviser meeting will be 11 am on Friday. For our game project going, we planed the goal that finish the game at the end of winter term and use to publish next term, so in other words, this term will be very busy. For game itself, we decided to create more level maps to make player to choose play, and give our six characters with individual style so player can distinguish each other. Overview, we got everything we need to know for running senior project.


group meeting on Saturday: 1.5h

working on map layout design: 1h

modeling the sample room model for testing: 1h

Total: 3.5h

Positive: we have a plan for the rest of weeks.

Negative: our adviser forgot our meet on Friday.

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