No Title: Week 2 PPJ

We were trying to get a character in the game by next week.

Hours Breakdown:

I made the concept art of our first female character, Lady Mafia. (3hrs)

During our Thursday DIGM meeting, we went through the concept arts and we made the modification. Our next step is break down Archaeologist, rig it, and animate it. We formed a  character creation working pipeline. (1.5hr)

I attended the meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday. We had a report of our current status and made a promise that we will have a character moving in the game by next meeting. (1hr)

Jordie had question about changing color of the character in Unity. I had an hour long chat with Zach and figure things out.

I received the Archaeologist’s psd file and broke it apart.  The character was prepared to be rigged. Then I past the file to Pat for rigging. (3.5hrs)

Positive: We had a lot of our pipeline set up, finally.

Negative: We were lacking communication about technically how to achieve the character color switching issue.

Total Hours: 9hours


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