Ziyang`s week3_PPJ


This week we review what we have done in last week, finished the final version of our archeologic character, done a rough animation for him, so this week we assign to fix its animation in the spine. We also have done the art concept of lady gangster, and will start to cut her out for rigging and animating. For map environment, we start to create game modular, wall, floor and wall with the door, to easy set up our map. In the meeting with Advisor, we realize that still some items appearing in game have not begun to build yet, so we try to catch up. For cs team, the archeologic character can play in the game, good news for us.


Meeting with DIGM team: 0.5h

Meeting with Advisor: 1h

Skype meeting on Sat: 1.5h

Working on map modular: 4h

UV: 2h

Total: 8h

Positive: map modular works fine, and we already finished two characters for the game, the schedule we set up in the first week is processing in positive way.

Negative: snow storm let us have to give up meeting on Sat, instead talking on Skype.


-Some samples I did this week for game modular:





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