Characters&more: Week 4 PPJ

I kept on making the characters this week.

Hours breakdown:

Weekly DIGM meeting (1 hr) We decided to getting more characters into the game. Therefore, this week we aimed at getting in”the Scientist”.

Prof. Wagner did not come to the weekly meeting. However, we gathered together, play tested the game, and recorded the game-play footage (1.5 hr)

I worked on the wooden barrel wall which will be used as an in-game item. (2hrs)

I worked on coloring the Scientist and prepared his body parts for rigging. Then I past it to Patrick for next step of the pipeline.(5hrs) The team decided not to add gradients to the character in order to speed up the production. However, at least on my end, it doesn’t make a big difference. It saved me 30mins at most, and it results not look as good as previous characters.


Positive: It was another productive week.

Negative: When Pat was rigging the character, he encountered missing parts. Then I double checked the file and I figured they weren’t past down from Jordie. All of these was because Jordie was distracted by Pat the entire time while she was doing work. Therefore, we blame Pat for this issue:)

Total Hours: 10.5hours

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