Jordie Winter Term Week 4 PPJ

Note: We didn’t meet with Wagner this week

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting – (1 hr)

We ended up discussing where we are, where we’re going- what’s getting done for GDC as well our presentation for the next week and going over that.

• Work Meeting with Digm Side (2 hrs)

Digm side met on Saturday for a work session where we could check in and know what’s up. We also touched on our presentation as well.

• Went to Philly Game forge for Dev Night (2.5 hrs)

Got some play-testing data and met with other game developers. It was pretty cool.


• Worked on the scientist lineart and sent it off. Also decided on colors. Was pretty distracted and it took longer than I intended. (3 hrs)


• Worked with Resh to record game footage for our presentation ( 3.5 hrs)

Total hours: 12 hrs



-We now have three characters done and in spine. Final stages to put in game.


-I didn’t do much for this week. I’ve been wanting to do more but it’s not anything I can help- I’ve been prioritizing senior project for the last four weeks compared to everything I’ve been doing. It’s bitten me in the butt and now I have to prioritize everything else this week. Need to regain my own workload balance.


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