Jordie Winter Term Week 5 PPJ

This is the week of GDC mayhem and tomfoolery.

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

We were practicing for the GDC presentation as well as figuring out what to say and what else we might need to improve on it.

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

This was our first run of the presentation for an audience. It went well and then we went straight into practicing.

• Presentation Practice for GDC (2 hrs)

After the meeting with Wagner we went to correct a few things that he suggested we fix and practiced our presentation until it was time for the GDC competition.

• GDC (2 hrs)

We presented our game in hopes to get sent to GDC this year to represent Drexel. We didn’t win but it was a good motivation to come together as a team.

• Saturday Meeting (2 hrs)

Two of our five members couldn’t make it and we ended up tossing around names for our characters and backstories instead (it was a lesser thing to do but we didn’t have the full team to make super important discussions happen)


• I finished updating our sprites to what I could with the time remaining until GDC so we would have a stable build to use for the presentation (6.5 hrs)

• I worked with Resh on our presentation- making more marketing materials which would help us moving forward (4 hrs)

• Worked on the Merchant lineart and sent it off. (3 hrs)

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.09.10 PM

• Updated our logo for our game, finally had time to clean it up as we have our posters that are due on the 12th. (2.5 hrs)

logo update v3_v2

• Updated our social media accounts with new content (1.5 hrs)

• Worked on the basic designs on our posters for this coming week (3 hrs)

Poster2 Poster1 Poster3

Total hours: 28.5 hrs



-Our sprites are in the game and up to date.

-I updated things that I’ve been meaning to update- I posted to our social Media accounts, finally creating content.

-I got WAY more work done overall- more than made up for not doing much last week.


-We Lost GDC : (

-Our Saturday meeting was a bust and we have a lot we need to get done

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