Winter Term Fancier Fish Production Update (2/3 to 2/8)


This week was the week of GDC, which stands for Game Developer’s Conference. Specifically we were preparing for the Drexel pre-GDC intel competition to see who would be going to the GDC intel competition as Drexel’s representative.

Stable Build Screenshot with New/Updated Assets

With the competition on Friday it loomed over our heads all week. Wednesday, Resh and Jordie were updating assets so we could send everything off to the programmers and have a stable build by Friday.

Resh started on our powerpoint the week before and updated it as much as possible by the time Thursday rolled around which is when we had our group meeting to discuss just what was going on with it. As a team we looked it over and the meeting adjourned with everyone also having their tasks for the upcoming week.

That night Jordie and Resh worked on the presentation updating all of the images and creating something that would best show off our game as well as tweaking the presentation.

logo update v3_v2
Updated Remote Raiders by Jordie

Friday morning, the next day, as a team, Code side and Digm side, we meet with our advisor, Wagner. We ran through our presentation with Zach and Resh doing most of the talking. We got a general approval and notes on what to improve. After a quick lunch we got to work practicing right up until the competition.


Sadly in the mist of presenting Zach’s computer tried to reset it’s settings on the projector, causing our screen to go blank while we were setting up our live demo. There was nothing to be done but it was surely an upsetting turn of events that no one could have planned for.

Turns out, we lost, however our good friends at 51st and Fire won and as a team we couldn’t be happier for them.

Secondary Models for the Modular Map by Ziang

Saturday came and two of our members couldn’t show up for a variety of reasons. And one member was late. We talked with Ziang on what to do with our secondary models as well as texturing. There was also discussion of character names and backstories which will be displayed on our character select screen. Other important topics needing to be addressed was pushed back, as they could not be completed without the full digm team.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.09.10 PM
Merchant Lineart by Jordie

On Sunday our fourth character, the Merchant, was linearted and sent off to Jimmy who colored him. By Tuesday he’ll be cut into piece and put into spine by Pat.


Moving forward our next focus is on the need for posters and things for the Drexel lobby display. We have roughly half of one display and will be using that to show off our game and stir up interest.

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting (1 hr)
  • Advisor Meeting (1 hr)
  • Presentation Practice (2 hrs)
  • GDC Presentation (2 hrs)
  • Saturday Work Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (3.5 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Game Lobby GUI (1 hr)
  • Merchant Character Production (5.5 hrs)
  • Poster Designs (3 hrs)
  • Logo Updates (Both game and team) (2.5 hrs)
  • Presentation Build (9.5 hrs)
  • Presentation Practice, and Creation (14 hrs)
  • Modular Map Production; secondary models, and map redesign work (11 hrs)
  • Character Unity Mechanism (2 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)


  • We’re finally having a Social Media Presence
  • We have a lot of our assets updated in our game
  • We have a good build for playtesting thanks to GDC


  • Only sad this about this week is that we lost the GDC; however we put our best foot forward even if things didn’t work out well. Plus 51st and Fire’s going to do amazing at GDC!
  • We also didn’t have a full team meeting on Saturday like normal and will have to wait until this Thursday to cover somethings.

Total Hours for the week: 76 hrs

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