Ziyang`s winter week6 PPJ


This week we continue working on map modular, and forcing on making map`s texture.In order to make texture good, I spend many hours on painting it on Photoshop in the weekend, and make sure the edge of texture can connect with texture in other modeling. Also,  CS team asked to add a curve wall corner to the game in the meeting of Saturday.So I also modeled the corner wall this week.

Positive: the modeling within texture looks great, I am more confident to continue working on it.

Negative: I still have some modeling that did not finish its textures. I slept over the meeting on Friday with advisor.

Hours: meeting on Thursday: 1h.

working on texture: 3h+6h+3h = 12h

working on modeling: 1h

meeting on Sat: 3h

Total: 17h

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