Jordie Winter Term Week 6 PPJ

tldr; I was sick pretty much sick the entire week.

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

We went over our giant list of things that needed to get done and work was distributed

• Wagner Meeting

I missed this meeting due to my alarm not going off… or I probably slept through it with my stuffed up head cold.


• Saturday Meeting

I missed this one as well but I had another obligation- I cleared it before hand and I ended up helping someone move. In like… 10 degree weather with 26 mph wind, and snow, and heavy furniture. Pretty sure this made my cold so much worse it was such a bad idea.


•I worked on our display design posters making sketches as well as a dozen designs for our possible display layout. We’re picking this one for the time being until everything is more settled as a group (6 hrs)

Ivan_Handabar_posterdr_Wattz_posterposter spacedesignrip_daring_posterscarlet_recoil_poster

Total hours: 7 hrs



-I did get the initial concepting done and I’m all set to do at least a dozen hours next week.




-I was sick

-I missed two meetings

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