Winter Term Fancier Fish Production Update (2/9 to 2/15)

There was a lot of figuring out where to go moving forward and not as much work done.

Jimmy’s Design for the Server Side Character Selection Screen

The week started with a meeting on Thursday to hammer out all of the little things that have been piling up since the beginning of the term as well as where to go moving forward. Everyone was assigned tasks and the super important task of getting our long overdue GUI system up and running was Jimmy.


We have the secondary models from JD done and will be implemented into our modular map system. Our final character is done and in which is great! Our characters have their names and now will have more going for them moving

One of Ziang’s Secondary Models, plants

forward to give our game more character (pun).


We have plans for next week to go to Game Forge now that everyone’s midterms are out of the way for playtesting. We’re also going to hammer our more details on our game since not everyone made it to our Saturday meeting. Only one person made it to our Wagner meeting meaning we didn’t get any feedback there, which was disapointing.

Next week is going to be a better week hopefully the weather doesn’t go nuts.

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting (1 hr)
  • Advisor Meeting (1 hr)
  • Saturday Work Meeting (3 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (3.5 hrs)

Production Work:

  • All game GUI (4 hrs)
  • Merchant Character Production (2 hrs)
  • Poster Designs (6 hrs)
  • Modular Map Production; secondary models, and map redesign work (30 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)


  • More assets have been completed!
  • We finally have some GUI stuff to throw into the game
  • We’ll be ready to have our posters up in the lobby


  • Most of us missed the Wagner meeting
  • We also didn’t have a full team meeting on Saturday again : (

Total Hours for the week: 66.5 hrs

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