Ziyang`s week7 PPJ


This week has lots of things going on, we discussed how many levels we will make for our game, and has been decided by four, in which represent each character`s background. We also discuss how to modify our game and in what visual way to jump to next level. Resh and Pat start to build the new map. The modular modeling looks great in Unity. In order to make our progress fast, we ask each DIGM people to report his daily work on Slack, so we can know and track each one`s work. In my way, my computer had broken on last Monday, and sent to the computer fixer, where they reported me that my video card is falling and need to replace by a new one. They said they need at least 15 business days to work on it, so which means I can`t work on project in my computer before our final presentation coming. Truly Sad! Instead, I have to go URBN to work, but some benefit software in my computer can`t find in URBN`s desktop. That`s makes my work even harder.

Hours: Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h (Our adviser did not show up. )

Meeting on Saturday: 3h

Working on texture made: 2.5h

Total:  8h

Positive: I have already put textures in all modular modelings we have so far, but it`s rough than textures I did before my laptop broken.

We finally find a way to catch every one in track.

Negative: computer broken affect my progress and quality.



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