Jordie Winter Term Week 7 PPJ

tldr; I was STILL sick this week.

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

We discussed some housekeeping stuff, mostly what the CS Side said they’d have within the next two weeks and what we’d need to get to them by then. We also talked about some feedback Rob gave us and implemented slack and daily check ins. Everyone was tasked with brainstorming map themes.

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

While the Meeting did not have Wagner it did have the rest of us. We decided on new map themes and where we’d be going on that front for the next week.

• Saturday Meeting

I technically did not attend- as I physically couldn’t make it but I was kept up on the progress. Long story short we decided to throw everything at the wall and get two maps done and update our first map and see where we end up. If it doesn’t work we scrap it no harm done. Of course we’re going to rock it so nbd.


• Being sick I had a lot of mindless down time- 1 of which I used to start on the solution to one of our problems: No in game fonts. So I took bits of time between sleeping to make a list of fonts. Of course I had to restart my computer and lost them… so I made a list again but it went from 30 fonts to 60. I’m planning to narrow it down before letting the team know what’s up (1.5 hrs)

• On Saturday I was mostly working on getting the animation correct (roughed in) for our snake enemy. I started doing the lineart for it but ended up with more cold symptoms meaning I didn’t super function well. (2 hrs)


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.26.29 AM

• On Sunday I ended up finally getting the dimensions for our posters or rather the dimensions of our board and thus did all of the math calculations to figure out what our stuff would need to be. And let me tell you it’s HUGE. So I spent time figuring all that out. (1.5 hrs)

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.56.20 AM

• Work on the posters alone… staggering. Since I was sick pretty much the entire week I didn’t have much time to do the final work on those. So it was done, at this point, mostly in two sittings. Of course 4.5 hours was just dedicated to getting the stupid tablet drivers to work and my computer was having so many technical issues I wanted to chuck it out a window. (9 hrs)




Total hours: 16 hrs


• Stuff got done but not enough


• Sick as a dog

• Fun computer technical issues (Damn u steve!)

• Posters not completely done and I’ll have to work on it Wednesday and I’m very frustrated with myself.

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