Lot’s of work: Week 8 PPJ

This week we worked on a lot of things.

Hourly breakdown:

Meeting on Thursday (1hour). We discussed our new map layout and texted new map scene in Unity engine. We planned to have a animated mummy  done this week.

Meeting on Friday (1hour). We showed Prof. Wagner our latest build. I had a bad stomachache during the meeting.


Dev day on Saturday (4.5 hours)  Resh and Pat helped me to set up Perforce on my mac and finally I can push things by myself. I made a bear trap icon, a hammer, a smoke bomb. I replaced wall by wooden barrel wall  and also updated item box sprite. From now on, we are having white boarders for everything in order to increase the readability.

Positive: Dev day was really productive and finally I have access to our server again. It was very productive.

Negative: Mummy’s line art wasn’t delivered from from Jordie, so it was not started as we planned.

Total Hours: 6.5 hours

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