Pat Martin Week 8 PPJ


• Digm Meeting 1 hour 

During this meeting we touched base on how we were doing and figured out how we were divvying up the Bounty board.

• Wagner Meeting 1 hours

We talked to wagner and showed him the current state of the game.

• Saturday Work Meeting


Work on prison map and implementation: 3 hours
Worked on this earlier in the week as well as at the Friday work meeting. Had a few issues with scaling and colliders but that will be handled as soon as possible.

Work on Mud and Pit sprites 2.5 hours
These were done at the Friday meeting. The mud is completely finished but the trapdoor for the pit trap is not quite finished.

Wrangling with perforce 1h
Had some trouble uploading to perforce this week but Zach and I together got it working.

Total hours: 8.5 hrs


• Got The stuff done that I was asked to get done.


Started getting sick near the end of the week and that really stinks but as of Monday I am starting to get over it.


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