Winter Term Fancier Fish Production Update (3/1 to 3/7)

Our week started on Thursday with a meeting talking about what a monster this past weekend was going to be and what we could to do prepare for it in the meantime. There really was no preparing for it after all besides getting everything out of the way.

Completed Snake Enemy

Friday we discussed our plans with our advisor and where we’re going with our game moving forward. We had nothing but support and it was a great meeting, giving us confidence moving forward.

Saturday was the day we all were in the same room with the programmers constantly working and getting things out of the way. We ended up ordering some pizza around the middle of our almost ten hour workday which helped moral. Also it was almost surprising but no one killed each other; no murders no problem. P:

Secondary Models For Alcatraz Level

Sunday we got together after the programmers to finish up our presentation and get our beta in order. It was a long haul to the end but we did it.

Tuesday will be coming soon, it’ll be (hopefully) a nice presentation and everyone can see how hard we’ve been working.

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting (1 hr)
  • Advisor Meeting (1 hr)
  • Saturday Work Meeting (9.5 hrs)
  • Sunday Work Meeting (4 hrs) 
  • CS development meeting  (8 hrs)
Posion Gun
Poison Gun Item

Production Work:

  • Enemy and character sprites (10 hrs)
  • Modular Map Production; secondary models, and map redesign work (25 hrs)
  • Implementation (10 hrs )
  • Extra Random Stuff (5 hrs)
  • Items Production (12.5 + XReshHours hrs)
  • Presentation Development (9 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)



  • Beta is DONE! We’re 2/3rds of the way there. Time for some Polish!


  • Some communication issues with the programmers but honestly we’re more on the same page than we have been in a while

Total Hours for the week: 116.5 hours

Winter Pre-Beta PPJ – Resh (THE FINAL COUNTDOWN)

Well, that was definitely a weekend. 15+ hours of us all in one room, jamming out and adding a ton of content to the game to get ready for feature lock. Some great stuff happened, like lights getting baked (huge performance fix!) and a ton of new items being added! The levels are up to beta-level of functionality, though we still have a lot of clean-up we want to do like tweaking textures and placement and the like.


Pasted image at 2016_03_07 04_44 PM Pasted image at 2016_03_06 10_09 PM Pasted image at 2016_03_06 07_24 PM




Fixed a lot of item implementations. Like, a lot. Like the smoke bomb, the bear trap, a poison gun, and possibly the ability to throw snakes at each other. – 5hours

GUI Implementation Main Screen – 3 hours

Music Meeting – 1 Hour

Additional meetings – 6 hours

General Housekeeping – 5 hours

Total: 33 hours


The Sprint: week 9 PPJ

This week we worked on a lot of things in order to prepare for the feature lock down.

Hours breakdown:

DIGM side meeting on Thursday (1hr): we nailed down our plan for the rest of the week. Me and resh and Ziyang made a asset list of the items that we need for the steam boat level.

Meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday (1hr): we presented our latest features and reported our current status.

Dev day on Saturday: Ziyang past me all of the models that he made for the ship level. I UV layed out all of the items and then textured them one by one. Included module walls, handrails, life preserver,etc. Also I created a floor texture for steam boat level. (6hrs)


Dev day on Sunday: We worked on our ppt for the presentation , filled in all the slides and I created “old photo” effect for our map screen shots. They are not filtered. It requires skills. Resh practiced his presentation and gave him comments and feedback. I created a “death wall” sprite for the prison level.(4hrs)

deathWall.png old_screenShots  prisonshipLevelScreenShot

Positive: It was good to work with programming team in the same room. It was so much easier to communicate and providing feedback to each other.

Negative: Programming team seems very confident with the latest build, but it still has a lot of glitches that need to be improved.

Total hours: 12 hours

Ziyang`s week 9 PPJ


This week we works on lots of things. Since many reasons, our schedule are way behind our plan, so we try to finish most of them this week. Every member, including our cs team, has came to meet in excite on Sat and Sun to work together.   We list all things we haven`t done on the board, each one put a thing to do and when it has done we picked other one to work on. In fact, it`s way more efficient than I expect. Right now, except some bug fixing, we finished most of art assert.


Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Working on Boat modeling: 3h

Meeting with adviser: 30 min.

Work together in Excite on Sat: 9h

work on Poison gun at home: 30 min.

Work on presentation on Sunday: 2h

Total: 16h


Positive:  working together in exciting makes work more efficient

Negative: Although, our game has made a great improve, but we haven`t time to play testing.

My work this week:

Beta Time- Patrick Martin Week 9

I was DEAD WRONG about my illness getting better on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday i was really feeling like crap and essentially coughing up a lung. It was not fun. Then on Thursday we met up and got our budget proposal lined up and were told to free up our weekends as it was crunch time. I focused my effort on getting my work done and getting better the next couple of days. We had the Wagner meeting on Friday. It was largely uneventful. He said he was proud of our progress and that we should be able to pull together beta for Tuesday. On Saturday, we had a super huge Jam session with everyone at excite. It overall went well and we got a TON of stuff done. I was mostly making sprites and doing odd jobs. Then on Sunday, we got our presentation and touch-ups together.

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

• Saturday Meeting (9 hrs)

• Sunday Meeting (4 hrs)


Total hours: 15 hrs


• We hit Beta and that is something to be proud of.


• Colds suck. Don’t get sick kids.

Jordie Winter Term Week 9 PPJ

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

We had a meeting which in summary was: Get your stuff done so you’re 100% free this weekend in case we need you all weekend. We also talked about going to conferences and conventions and our marketing strategy. Which sums up was; we need to do it. Since we didn’t have enough time to work on it in that short hour so it was a “ok by this time we’ll work on it”

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

We made our plans with him for going forward and double checked our bases on what we wanted going forward. Everything seems rather smooth. It’s pretty strange to be at a good point for once.

• Saturday Meeting (9.5 hrs)

So this was just work your butt off until we finished. So it was almost 10 hours of almost nonstop work- we only broke for Pizza (P-dubs) which was really delicious. It was a second wind we needed to get everything done.

• Sunday Meeting (4.5 hrs)

     We got together as a team to hit the small things left over from Sunday with the programmers and worked on the presentation making it look and function as best as possible. Hopefully we will have a great presentation on Tuesday!


I did a LOT of work and hopefully I wrote everything down that I did.  >>;

• I worked on the marketing presentation for Zach, which ended up being what we based our final presentation for this term on! (I’m WAY too psyched about it) (2 hrs)

Finished Snake Enemy with Two animations

• First thing I did on saturday was work on the snake enemy which is now done and is in the game. With feedback from the group I got nice colors and honestly I’m WAY too happy with my silly little snake guy. \ o / I ended up working on it 1.5 hours or so.

• I worked on the game credits first round- which was like ‘oh man u worked on this all term what should we call your title?’ or if I didn’t ask them I just put it together. It was kinda fun tbh. And I ended up doing a bit of research about job titles for it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

• I created the “how to” images. While it doesn’t SUPER fit our game we needed something quickly that illustrated the point. We’ll end up doing the how to with more in game screenshots for polish.

• My fellow teammates ended up doing the merchant REALLY well so I only had to do minor clean up and exportation. It was really exciting to just have things done quickly. I spent about 3 hours on that.

• I worked on the main GUI for a bit but it was mostly updating.

Merchant death animation

• I ended up working on the death animations for all of the characters and had to hand animate the eye closing and everything. But it was pretty fun- I really do like animating.

• I quickly threw together a Merchant icon for our character selection screen until we have something else for it. I also put in the merchant into our marketing materials.

• On Sunday I created a quick trophy icon- which I don’t like but it’s going to be small so hopefully looks better that way. I might be too critical of it though.

• I slapped together a quick wave system for Resh to use for our boat level and honestly looks pretty good in motion.

• I worked on the character slide and the Ivan logo- and putting together our character logos. I will edit the Ivan logo later because we’re in discussion with the name at the moment. I was working on the presentation for 4.5 hours and honestly there might be more I’m missing.

• I took the presentation into powerpoint to do the final animations and overall improve the presentation however I could by myself with the final round of checking everything. (1 hrs)

Total hours: 19 hrs




• Nothing WE HIT OUR BETA!!! And that’s SUPER GREAT. I’m so relieved.

Winter Term Fancier Fish Production Update (2/23 to 2/29)

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.38.25 PM
Poster Tom helped us with

The week technically started with a casual conversation after class on Tuesday making plans for the rest of the week.

Wednesday we pulled in one of our trusty programmers Tom to help with our posters so we didn’t end up in a spiral of design decisions that the casual observer wouldn’t care about. Or ultimately something that while it looked cool but didn’t do what we thought it was doing. Either way Tom was helpful and we got a lot done.


Thursday we had our team meeting. Maps were discussed, items on our bounty board, as well as the animations we need in by beta lock. After the meeting the members of the team that could go went to Philly Game Forge Dev Night.


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.32.06 AM
Snake Enemy

Friday was our Wagner meeting that almost went suspiciously better than normal. He seems confident we can get our game where we need it by beta lock and with that assurance in hand we planned for our Saturday meeting.

Saturday was a work meeting where so many things got done! It was great- we got our GUIs in there, we got so many items in, everything is shaping up well.

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting (1 hr)
  • Advisor Meeting (1 hr)
  • Saturday Work Meeting (5 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (3.5 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Enemy sprites (1.5 hrs)
  • Poster Stuff (14 hrs)
  • Modular Map Production; secondary models, and map redesign work (23 hrs)
  • GUI Work (6.5 hrs )
  • Extra Random Stuff (6 hrs)
  • Items Production (7 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)


  • More got done it’s just a general giant push in the right direction


  • Still have more to do!

Total Hours for the week: 84.5 hrs

Ziyang`s week 8 ppj


This week we focus on GUI and our second map modular. We set our digm people work together on Saturday. It`s make things more efficient.  Our CS team makes the game more playable, and started to move our new map things into the game.

Positive: I feel very positive when we all people seat in one room working together. my work has done very well. My laptop has back this afternoon, I can finally work on my own laptop.

Negative: we still have lots of stuffs need to done before the term ends.


meeting on Thursday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 45 mins.

Meeting on Saturday and work: 4h

working on texture at home: 2h.

Total: 7h 45mins.

prison map modular: