Jordie Winter Term Week 9 PPJ

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

We had a meeting which in summary was: Get your stuff done so you’re 100% free this weekend in case we need you all weekend. We also talked about going to conferences and conventions and our marketing strategy. Which sums up was; we need to do it. Since we didn’t have enough time to work on it in that short hour so it was a “ok by this time we’ll work on it”

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

We made our plans with him for going forward and double checked our bases on what we wanted going forward. Everything seems rather smooth. It’s pretty strange to be at a good point for once.

• Saturday Meeting (9.5 hrs)

So this was just work your butt off until we finished. So it was almost 10 hours of almost nonstop work- we only broke for Pizza (P-dubs) which was really delicious. It was a second wind we needed to get everything done.

• Sunday Meeting (4.5 hrs)

     We got together as a team to hit the small things left over from Sunday with the programmers and worked on the presentation making it look and function as best as possible. Hopefully we will have a great presentation on Tuesday!


I did a LOT of work and hopefully I wrote everything down that I did.  >>;

• I worked on the marketing presentation for Zach, which ended up being what we based our final presentation for this term on! (I’m WAY too psyched about it) (2 hrs)

Finished Snake Enemy with Two animations

• First thing I did on saturday was work on the snake enemy which is now done and is in the game. With feedback from the group I got nice colors and honestly I’m WAY too happy with my silly little snake guy. \ o / I ended up working on it 1.5 hours or so.

• I worked on the game credits first round- which was like ‘oh man u worked on this all term what should we call your title?’ or if I didn’t ask them I just put it together. It was kinda fun tbh. And I ended up doing a bit of research about job titles for it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

• I created the “how to” images. While it doesn’t SUPER fit our game we needed something quickly that illustrated the point. We’ll end up doing the how to with more in game screenshots for polish.

• My fellow teammates ended up doing the merchant REALLY well so I only had to do minor clean up and exportation. It was really exciting to just have things done quickly. I spent about 3 hours on that.

• I worked on the main GUI for a bit but it was mostly updating.

Merchant death animation

• I ended up working on the death animations for all of the characters and had to hand animate the eye closing and everything. But it was pretty fun- I really do like animating.

• I quickly threw together a Merchant icon for our character selection screen until we have something else for it. I also put in the merchant into our marketing materials.

• On Sunday I created a quick trophy icon- which I don’t like but it’s going to be small so hopefully looks better that way. I might be too critical of it though.

• I slapped together a quick wave system for Resh to use for our boat level and honestly looks pretty good in motion.

• I worked on the character slide and the Ivan logo- and putting together our character logos. I will edit the Ivan logo later because we’re in discussion with the name at the moment. I was working on the presentation for 4.5 hours and honestly there might be more I’m missing.

• I took the presentation into powerpoint to do the final animations and overall improve the presentation however I could by myself with the final round of checking everything. (1 hrs)

Total hours: 19 hrs




• Nothing WE HIT OUR BETA!!! And that’s SUPER GREAT. I’m so relieved.

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