The Sprint: week 9 PPJ

This week we worked on a lot of things in order to prepare for the feature lock down.

Hours breakdown:

DIGM side meeting on Thursday (1hr): we nailed down our plan for the rest of the week. Me and resh and Ziyang made a asset list of the items that we need for the steam boat level.

Meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday (1hr): we presented our latest features and reported our current status.

Dev day on Saturday: Ziyang past me all of the models that he made for the ship level. I UV layed out all of the items and then textured them one by one. Included module walls, handrails, life preserver,etc. Also I created a floor texture for steam boat level. (6hrs)


Dev day on Sunday: We worked on our ppt for the presentation , filled in all the slides and I created “old photo” effect for our map screen shots. They are not filtered. It requires skills. Resh practiced his presentation and gave him comments and feedback. I created a “death wall” sprite for the prison level.(4hrs)

deathWall.png old_screenShots  prisonshipLevelScreenShot

Positive: It was good to work with programming team in the same room. It was so much easier to communicate and providing feedback to each other.

Negative: Programming team seems very confident with the latest build, but it still has a lot of glitches that need to be improved.

Total hours: 12 hours

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