Winter Pre-Beta PPJ – Resh (THE FINAL COUNTDOWN)

Well, that was definitely a weekend. 15+ hours of us all in one room, jamming out and adding a ton of content to the game to get ready for feature lock. Some great stuff happened, like lights getting baked (huge performance fix!) and a ton of new items being added! The levels are up to beta-level of functionality, though we still have a lot of clean-up we want to do like tweaking textures and placement and the like.


Pasted image at 2016_03_07 04_44 PM Pasted image at 2016_03_06 10_09 PM Pasted image at 2016_03_06 07_24 PM




Fixed a lot of item implementations. Like, a lot. Like the smoke bomb, the bear trap, a poison gun, and possibly the ability to throw snakes at each other. – 5hours

GUI Implementation Main Screen – 3 hours

Music Meeting – 1 Hour

Additional meetings – 6 hours

General Housekeeping – 5 hours

Total: 33 hours


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