Ziyang`s week 9 PPJ


This week we works on lots of things. Since many reasons, our schedule are way behind our plan, so we try to finish most of them this week. Every member, including our cs team, has came to meet in excite on Sat and Sun to work together.   We list all things we haven`t done on the board, each one put a thing to do and when it has done we picked other one to work on. In fact, it`s way more efficient than I expect. Right now, except some bug fixing, we finished most of art assert.


Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Working on Boat modeling: 3h

Meeting with adviser: 30 min.

Work together in Excite on Sat: 9h

work on Poison gun at home: 30 min.

Work on presentation on Sunday: 2h

Total: 16h


Positive:  working together in exciting makes work more efficient

Negative: Although, our game has made a great improve, but we haven`t time to play testing.

My work this week:

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