Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/19 to 4/25)

Fancier Fish Studios has had a long, but successful, week. There isn’t a lot to show but there is a lot to tell!

Fancier Fish Booth at ECGC

The team was split in two one half staying to do our final presentation update, while the other half went off to South Carolina for the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC)

The digm half that stayed managed to put together a presentation to give to the faculty and did well. There were concerns brought up that hadn’t been discussed before (from the faculty side) but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t talked about as a group and made a decision on it.

The other half, ECGC half, set out to complete a few goals: one was to get playtesting data, one was to get contacts for when we released, and one was to simply get as many people to our game as possible. We got a lot of feedback- some people loved it, some people liked it, some liked the concept but not where it was at, and some played then quickly left.

Fancier Fish away team

Most of what we took away was just how much our controller needs updating and streamlining. And we need a good how to play because otherwise it’s a 30 second to 1 minute explanation depending on who from our team was explaining.

We also made a lot of friends! Across from us was a booth from Angry Toddler, they were great. And individually we all got to experience a lot and meet lots of great people.

On both halfs the Fancier Fish team was successful and we’re all very happy.

Showing off. Week 4 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!


This week, we mainly focusing on backing up our team when the rest went to ECGC. JD, Patrick and I took cared the presentation when Jordie and Resh and our programming team were attending East Coast Gaming Conference(ECGC). We spent a lot of time on working on the new presentation. Other than that, we did not have much progress on production, but we are planning to catch up next week according to our play test data in the conference.

We will bring you more update next week!

Jordie Spring Term Week 4 PPJ

ECGC Extravaganza week. Aka: Does one ever stop being tired?

Fancier Fish Booth

This week started with a kick in the pants out the door as four of us, two CS and two digm, set out for South Carolina in order to expo Remote Raiders!

Our booth looked so snazy all set up and we got a lot of people to play our game which of course was one of the best parts. I’m pretty sure I could demo our game with my eyes shut at this point. We got some nice compliments as well as pointers to what was good and bad about the game in it’s current state. Some developers gave really good suggestions that we can consider further.

Serious playtesting

There was a VR village there which was SUPER neat! I got to try out the vive portal demo and made a friend in line. Heck, I got to meet a lot of people while I was there. From my perspective, as someone who doesn’t know a lot about games, it was a big learning experience. Not only that but comparing our stuff to the people that were there… we’re in a better spot than I realized. Not to say other games were bad but I didn’t expect the level of development there to be so early in some cases. Some games were really raw but no less fun.

Final Day, Final Picture

The last day was both exhausting and very exhausting. While I was sad it was over, I was very happy about the experience. The team did well and we were happy to hear how the rest of our team did at the final update for senior project. Fancier Fish was successful on all parts and we accomplished what we set out to do. There was just so much I am finding it hard to express just everything that went on. OH! Fun thing: Both resh and I won some Rachet and Clank stuff! And Resh won a fun mask. Resh is very lucky when it comes to raffles lol. Which was also cool- since the last one we attended was for charity.

It’s Showtime. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

This week Jimmie, JD, and I ended up showing off our game to the Drexel faculty while, Jordie and Resh were attending East Coast Gaming Conference. Much of the early part of the week was spent focusing on making sure the presentation was looking nice and polished for the faculty and overall the presentation went rather well. The faculty ended up giving us a lot of presentation advice and pointing out a bunch of little things we could fix with our slide layouts. In the end, they were very focused on the presentation and why we had different characters but didn’t have them differentiate themselves within the game play. I personally felt that the presentation went well and all three of us represented the team well. Overall the rest of the week was riddled with midterms and other lovely things to keep me busy so my focus was overall not on Remote raiders. Next week however, I will make sure to put in extra time and get things really rolling.

Have a great week.

I survived ECGC (And all I got was this t-shirt) – Resh Week 4 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!


What a ride! We headed down to North Carolina for ECGC last week, and it was exciting! We had a proper booth, and showed off our game with style and flair the likes of which haven’t been seen before or since! Actually it was probably just very okay.


Production didn’t happen much last week, just because the team was split up. But we’re ready to get moving again!

Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/12 to 4/18)

Our team worked hard this past week in order to prep for both our final production update, our best Raiders build to date, and us exhibiting at ECGC!

Fancier Fish playtesting Polyscape’s The Knowledge We Seek

On Sunday, after they playtested out game, we at Fancier Fish finally got to test out Polyscape’s The Knowledge We Seek! It was really fun.

The four team leads from both sides took off for North Carolina in order to make this happen as well as work extremely hard coordinating with everyone to meet all of the deadlines internally and externally. While they’re at the conference this coming week the rest of the team will be presenting at drexel for our final production update for the drexel faculty before practice officially starts for the Senior Show.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.51.23 AM
Main Poster Final Edits



Our first release date is in sight and something to keep in mind as we talk to attendees at the conference. There will be 15 minute intervals over the three days of the conference meaning lots of rounds for playtesting, data gathering, and just talking to people about our game.

Here we go again. Patrick Week 3 PPJ

Hello Raiders,

This week was overall pretty productive and we have been focusing on our Gui and the upcoming presentations. Half of our team will be at ECGC and Half will have to give our Final production update so this has been a week very dedicated to presentations. Overall it went well though and we all came together to make sure it all looked as good as it could for the presentation.

THE (Spring) FINAL COUNTDOWN – Resh Week 3 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!

Today a handful of us spent our time heading to the great state of North Carolina, for the East Coast Gaming Conference! I’m part of our “expeditionary forces”, which means I’ll be down on the floor helping demo our game throughout the day! Also I might be “schmoozing” so to speak. We’ll see.

This week I helped with some GUI polish. While I admit, we didn’t fix everything we wanted to in time for the conference, we did manage to get a lot of stuff done! Hopefully I’ll have more to post next week.

Anyway, see you all in a week, hopefully with some exciting tales of daring adventure!

Jordie Spring Term Week 3 PPJ

This week was also fun, and by fun I mean not-fun-at-all. From sun up to sun down my day was filled and planning for/ getting everything ready for a conference took more than I realized. Thankfully I knew the deadlines I had to hit and when… although it was the same amount of hours as last week.

Monday was our usual digm meeting in which we figured out we really couldn’t record our ‘b-roll’ footage that day… which lead to the scramble to get the screen recorded footage we needed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday we had a meeting with Rob at noon (YAY SLEEPING IN! … Does it count if you dont got to sleep until super late?) where we touched bases, everything seemed in order besides that footage. Tuesday we tried to film but it failed miserably. Almost epically. Resh and I managed to get some things we needed while we were together later that day. I also called around for a place to print our shirts locally and sent out a dozen emails inquiring for quotes. I also called the print center to see when I could put in the order and have it printed by. Turns out I could literally submit it that day and just wait the 15 minutes per piece until it was done if I wanted.Tom_Card_2_Front


Thankfully Pat got everything together and on Wednesday we got our footage! Honestly this week is a blur but I’m pretty sure it was Wednesday. Anyway, Resh was originally going to cut together our footage however things came up so I ended up doing it instead. Didn’t take too long until I tried to export it. LOL It took at least

Card Back

an hour. Then again I was combining a lot of HD footage. That night I worked on our other printed materials, mostly the business cards before I delightfully just passed out.


Thursday was ‘hey when’s this meeting?’ with Arianna- Zach changed the time randomly when we already had it scheduled and I had work with no means of attending the ‘new’ time. So instead I talked with him and we decided to meet later in order to pay for the print order. That fell through. So instead we decided to just pay once we got there. And that night was mostly sleepless from a few different sources of homework- as well as finishing and preparing the posters for print. The biggest trouble was from our main poster which I just couldn’t get to size down below 40mb super easily. Then again it’s a 5 foot tall poster.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.51.23 AM
Main Poster Edits

Friday…. Meeting, posters, whirlwind of everything to do! So tiring but at that point I was just glad the big push for everything was over. These last couple weeks have been exhausting. Although that didn’t stop the ‘work’ train as I had so much homework I had to finish before we left on Monday as well as actual work from my part time job.

Saturday was playtesting! Four or so members of Polyscape Games came to test our game. It was pretty fun to see them plus we got some nice data to look through.

Sunday a few of us got to playtest their game The Knowledge We Seek. I mostly avoided it as I happened to know all the answers to the puzzle.. having seen their CS side’s presentation. As well as the fact that I DO NOT want to chance using an oculus again. First time I used one I couldn’t even walk afterwards I was so dizzy and motion sick. We also talked about how the conference stuff would be going the next day.

Instagram Photo of FancierFish at Polyscape Playtesting!


No classes Monday! Which was not from cancellation and was more so me missing classes in order to attend the East Coast Game Conference. And was a very long 7-8 hours in a car. Conference time is upon us, nervous, excited, I have adulty business cards… Hopefully things go well. Either way tomorrow will be an amazing day.

Before the Conference: Week3 PPJ

Greetings Raiders!

We were preparing for the ECGC. We made Gifs for Presentation’s Powerpoint. Since half of the team is heading to ECGC next week. I am going to stay and do our inner presentation to our professors. It is going to  be our last status report.

On Saturday, we got a group of people came and play tested our game. We have recieved a lot of feedback as well as encountered a lot of bugs.We are going to refine the game with these valuable data. Also, from now on, we  are going to practice our presentation all the way to the senior show.