Jordie Spring Term Week 1 PPJ



For the first week of the term my Boss had scheduled me to work. (it was scheduled before the team meet times) Thankfully my team filled me after the fact.

This past Monday we discussed with Wagner where we were as a team and our general concerns about how GDC as well as the programmer’s deadlines will affect the rest of our production. It was reassuring to get his opinion.


This is including some of the work I did over break as well as week 10.

• I worked on the marketing budget as well as gave the final OK for the team to present to the budget for review with EGS (4 hrs) 

• I honestly don’t remember when but I worked with Resh on our spring ghannt or at least the initial one before we formalized our deadlines this term. (3.5 hrs)

• Over break I asked the company email as well as continued to monitor and post on our social media accounts. We’ve actually been getting messages and things which has been interesting to see. (1 hr)

• I worked on updating our posters for the ECGC that we’ll need to be printing. Now that we have our budget approved I have to also make sure our 6 feet vertical banners are ready to go for print this week. (2 hrs)

• I gathered our marketing materials for round one for senior project requirements, it was interesting to collect everything in one place, getting everything from concept to concept mock ups to alpha state to beta state was amazing to see our progress. (1.5 hrs)

Total hours: 13 hrs


• We’re ready to go for this term!


• I didn’t get to attend two meetings because of work

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