Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (3/29 to 4/4)

Assessing deadlines is the name of the game this week. CS Side needs to have a certain amount of time to test out their code, presentations need to be planned and executed, ECGC is at the door, and we have marketing materials to print.

That being said this week was mostly utilized for planning the rest of the term on every front we could imagine. Our internal deadlines had to be reset to match better with the CS side’s needs as well as double checking senior project requirements. We’re mostly set up for everything moving forward and we know who is doing what tasks, when they need to be done by, and just how much time we really have.

Which isn’t much, at most it’s about 7 more weeks for our last deadline for game updates. After that we’ll have to call it quits until after senior show to manage our game’s release date to the public.

This week the team started our with a Monday advisor meeting followed by senior project class on Tuesday, with a digm meeting on Friday. Within those meetings our need to prep for ECGC was in full swing. We’re entering our heavy playtesting and polishing phase now.

First thing to be reworked based on our last playtesting data was our phone GUI. Pat and Jimmy have a modified design that will be finished implementing this upcoming week. This Monday (not last Monday) we made a final decision on characters to go a more shaded route until we can get more playtesting data to support the decision. Jimmy and Jordie will be taking care of that.

It was pointed out to us more than once about our first pass of the maps we presented at beta. And thus Environment models, secondary models, and especially textures for our three maps will be handled by Resh and JD for this upcoming week. Marketing Materials for GDC are being wrapped up this coming week and will be sent to the printers ASAP. Everything is looking good and everyone is on schedule.

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