Jordie Spring Term Week 2 PPJ

This week has been: “Wait- I have to do what??” followed by 23 hours of work.

Monday we had our Wagner meeting where I found out our internal deadlines had shifted. I wasn’t super happy with that but it is what it is. That night I threw together the marketing materials to hand over to Rob. Then came Wednesday.

I was doing research into our printing needs as well as when the conference was and figured out on Wednesday we had at most until Friday to get our printing materials sent to us in time and thus my two days of ‘hell’ started.

I started with getting everything in order as soon as I could- what did we need, what were the dimensions, what are the designs? Initially we hadn’t given much thought to the vertical banners, we had a few things we wanted to do but it seemed like they wouldn’t be approved in our budget. Our budget was approved last week or so and I was getting caught up when I realized we had no time. So over the span of two days (less really because I had health problems on Wednesday) I finished designing as well as creating (and recreating) the banners for print standards.

These were the ‘rough’ forms of the designs I showed the team

We now have two six foot tall banners, one main four foot table banner, and three different business card handouts. (Resh was nice and made the back of the cards) I was not able to complete the fourth in the time allotted. So for this conference we won’t have it. We will (hopefully) sent it off for the next one soon.

Fun Ad For Playtesting Session

This weekend we had a small work day which I was only able to attend a few hours off before having to go to a VFX shoot for my film friend’s senior project.

Playtesting session with 6+ people!

The next day we had a playtesting session where I edited the survey Tom and Zach had thrown together as best as they could to include some questions we thought would be helpful for us. It seemed to have gone super well and I’m pretty happy to get all that nice data. Hopefully we’ll get some really good data at ECGC too.

For this week I need to make sure the main poster is done, as well as our fourth poster, so we can print this week our posters as well as prepare our amazon order for our banner stands and other miscellaneous things. I’m also hoping on our work day saturday to be able to work to update our character animations.

We’re officially going to the East Coast Game Conference next week! It’ll be a task to manage classes as well as prep for the trip. This’ll be a long week.

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