Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/5 to 4/11)

This week started with class and a quick and dirty demo of Qualtrics which we ended up using to gather our playtesting data. We reviewed it on Sunday after we got 6+ surveys and it was amazing! (Thanks Rob!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.41.41 PM
Qualtrics Survey In All It’s Glory

Our next meeting was Friday where we reviewed what had been done as well as what we needed to do next. Everyone’s making progress towards our East Coast Game Conference build. And thanks to the playtesting data we have some very specific UI updates to better the player experience. We caught Arianna a few hours later to get our Printing materials sent off, they will be here the Friday before we leave for ECGC. Everyone’s very excited.

New Character Selection by Jimmie

Saturday we gathered everyone in one room to work on our game. It was very productive. We had everything ready for our playtesting session (that had pizza!) as well as a LOT of updates. I want to say ‘new’ GUI elements but in reality everything is just updates… SNAZY updates. We have our character selection menu looking very cool. We have our maps updated and more functional (It’s hard to see that so no pics), and a lot of small fixes were implemented.

IMG_2449With a stable build from Saturday we were ready for playtesting! (With pizza) We had a pretty good crowd show up (at right). There was a lot of talking, once they understood it was ok to talk, and the ‘get down Mr. President’ (working title) global objective really got the players talking. We have a lot of footage of them shooting across the room. Overall it was just what we were wanting to create with our game.

Playtesting data under our belts we’re now ready to create a more polished game to present at ECGC!

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