It’s Showtime. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

This week Jimmie, JD, and I ended up showing off our game to the Drexel faculty while, Jordie and Resh were attending East Coast Gaming Conference. Much of the early part of the week was spent focusing on making sure the presentation was looking nice and polished for the faculty and overall the presentation went rather well. The faculty ended up giving us a lot of presentation advice and pointing out a bunch of little things we could fix with our slide layouts. In the end, they were very focused on the presentation and why we had different characters but didn’t have them differentiate themselves within the game play. I personally felt that the presentation went well and all three of us represented the team well. Overall the rest of the week was riddled with midterms and other lovely things to keep me busy so my focus was overall not on Remote raiders. Next week however, I will make sure to put in extra time and get things really rolling.

Have a great week.

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