Jordie Spring Term Week 4 PPJ

ECGC Extravaganza week. Aka: Does one ever stop being tired?

Fancier Fish Booth

This week started with a kick in the pants out the door as four of us, two CS and two digm, set out for South Carolina in order to expo Remote Raiders!

Our booth looked so snazy all set up and we got a lot of people to play our game which of course was one of the best parts. I’m pretty sure I could demo our game with my eyes shut at this point. We got some nice compliments as well as pointers to what was good and bad about the game in it’s current state. Some developers gave really good suggestions that we can consider further.

Serious playtesting

There was a VR village there which was SUPER neat! I got to try out the vive portal demo and made a friend in line. Heck, I got to meet a lot of people while I was there. From my perspective, as someone who doesn’t know a lot about games, it was a big learning experience. Not only that but comparing our stuff to the people that were there… we’re in a better spot than I realized. Not to say other games were bad but I didn’t expect the level of development there to be so early in some cases. Some games were really raw but no less fun.

Final Day, Final Picture

The last day was both exhausting and very exhausting. While I was sad it was over, I was very happy about the experience. The team did well and we were happy to hear how the rest of our team did at the final update for senior project. Fancier Fish was successful on all parts and we accomplished what we set out to do. There was just so much I am finding it hard to express just everything that went on. OH! Fun thing: Both resh and I won some Rachet and Clank stuff! And Resh won a fun mask. Resh is very lucky when it comes to raffles lol. Which was also cool- since the last one we attended was for charity.

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