Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/19 to 4/25)

Fancier Fish Studios has had a long, but successful, week. There isn’t a lot to show but there is a lot to tell!

Fancier Fish Booth at ECGC

The team was split in two one half staying to do our final presentation update, while the other half went off to South Carolina for the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC)

The digm half that stayed managed to put together a presentation to give to the faculty and did well. There were concerns brought up that hadn’t been discussed before (from the faculty side) but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t talked about as a group and made a decision on it.

The other half, ECGC half, set out to complete a few goals: one was to get playtesting data, one was to get contacts for when we released, and one was to simply get as many people to our game as possible. We got a lot of feedback- some people loved it, some people liked it, some liked the concept but not where it was at, and some played then quickly left.

Fancier Fish away team

Most of what we took away was just how much our controller needs updating and streamlining. And we need a good how to play because otherwise it’s a 30 second to 1 minute explanation depending on who from our team was explaining.

We also made a lot of friends! Across from us was a booth from Angry Toddler, they were great. And individually we all got to experience a lot and meet lots of great people.

On both halfs the Fancier Fish team was successful and we’re all very happy.

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