Ziyang`s week 3 ppj


This week we fixed more bugs to make our game more functional. Except some little adjustment on asset in temple map, we mostly complete our game. We invited people to play testing our game, and get many positive and helpful suggestions. Since next week, we need to presentation our game to faculties, we spent most time working on practice presentation in Saturday meeting. Resh and Jordie will go participating ECGC meeting, same time with our presentation, me, Jimmie and Pat will talks our game in Tuesday without leader showing up. Thus, most time this week is make sure our presentation will be presented clearly.



Adviser meeting : 1h

Saturday meeting: 4h

play-testing in Sunday: 1h

Total: 6h


Positive: me, Jimmie and Pat have finished our powerpoint for presentation, we use lots of gif image inside to give evident our game is functional.

Negative: I am afraid my non-English accent may confuse audiences to understand our game, which I will practice more.

Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/5 to 4/11)

This week started with class and a quick and dirty demo of Qualtrics which we ended up using to gather our playtesting data. We reviewed it on Sunday after we got 6+ surveys and it was amazing! (Thanks Rob!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.41.41 PM
Qualtrics Survey In All It’s Glory

Our next meeting was Friday where we reviewed what had been done as well as what we needed to do next. Everyone’s making progress towards our East Coast Game Conference build. And thanks to the playtesting data we have some very specific UI updates to better the player experience. We caught Arianna a few hours later to get our Printing materials sent off, they will be here the Friday before we leave for ECGC. Everyone’s very excited.

New Character Selection by Jimmie

Saturday we gathered everyone in one room to work on our game. It was very productive. We had everything ready for our playtesting session (that had pizza!) as well as a LOT of updates. I want to say ‘new’ GUI elements but in reality everything is just updates… SNAZY updates. We have our character selection menu looking very cool. We have our maps updated and more functional (It’s hard to see that so no pics), and a lot of small fixes were implemented.

IMG_2449With a stable build from Saturday we were ready for playtesting! (With pizza) We had a pretty good crowd show up (at right). There was a lot of talking, once they understood it was ok to talk, and the ‘get down Mr. President’ (working title) global objective really got the players talking. We have a lot of footage of them shooting across the room. Overall it was just what we were wanting to create with our game.

Playtesting data under our belts we’re now ready to create a more polished game to present at ECGC!

To ECGC and Beyond! Spring Week 2 PPJ – Resh

Greetings Raiders!

Golly jeepers, or whatever you young kids say, have we got news! Now that I’m over my mysterious illness (Or back from my secret mission to save the planet? The world may never know.) Anyhow, in addition to the usual work update, I’ve been helping plot our trip to the East Coast Gaming Conference!

We’ll have a booth set up there at Indie Alley, demo-ing the game! Isn’t that great? Otherwise all I really achieved this week in quantifiable “on the game itself” work was some major layout fixes to the Prison level, and some minor tweaks to the other two.

This also marks my first PPJ without an hours breakdown, which feels pretty weird if I’m being wholly honest. I feel like I should be putting something here, so I guess I’ll leave you guys with a cool quote:

Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life. – Terry Pratchett

Jordie Spring Term Week 2 PPJ

This week has been: “Wait- I have to do what??” followed by 23 hours of work.

Monday we had our Wagner meeting where I found out our internal deadlines had shifted. I wasn’t super happy with that but it is what it is. That night I threw together the marketing materials to hand over to Rob. Then came Wednesday.

I was doing research into our printing needs as well as when the conference was and figured out on Wednesday we had at most until Friday to get our printing materials sent to us in time and thus my two days of ‘hell’ started.

I started with getting everything in order as soon as I could- what did we need, what were the dimensions, what are the designs? Initially we hadn’t given much thought to the vertical banners, we had a few things we wanted to do but it seemed like they wouldn’t be approved in our budget. Our budget was approved last week or so and I was getting caught up when I realized we had no time. So over the span of two days (less really because I had health problems on Wednesday) I finished designing as well as creating (and recreating) the banners for print standards.

These were the ‘rough’ forms of the designs I showed the team

We now have two six foot tall banners, one main four foot table banner, and three different business card handouts. (Resh was nice and made the back of the cards) I was not able to complete the fourth in the time allotted. So for this conference we won’t have it. We will (hopefully) sent it off for the next one soon.

Fun Ad For Playtesting Session

This weekend we had a small work day which I was only able to attend a few hours off before having to go to a VFX shoot for my film friend’s senior project.

Playtesting session with 6+ people!

The next day we had a playtesting session where I edited the survey Tom and Zach had thrown together as best as they could to include some questions we thought would be helpful for us. It seemed to have gone super well and I’m pretty happy to get all that nice data. Hopefully we’ll get some really good data at ECGC too.

For this week I need to make sure the main poster is done, as well as our fourth poster, so we can print this week our posters as well as prepare our amazon order for our banner stands and other miscellaneous things. I’m also hoping on our work day saturday to be able to work to update our character animations.

We’re officially going to the East Coast Game Conference next week! It’ll be a task to manage classes as well as prep for the trip. This’ll be a long week.

Not Bad But We Cod Do Better. — Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders

This week has been marked with the inevitable sign of…. dun.. dun.. dun… PRODUCTION. That’s right we have all been hard at work polishing Remote raiders. I am currently assigned to UI work for the client along with Jimmie. I worked on planning out how to set up the unity scenes for the new screen flow and I was in charge of making the title screen. The new title screen background is below and it will be over layed with the button bases Jimmie had made earlier on in production. MAPmainscreen


We look forward to seeing you next week Raiders.

Ziyang`s Spring week2 PPJ

Breakdown: Last week, me and Resh had a conversation about modifying the map layout better, so in Saturday meeting, I was working on fix the map layout in unity and modeling the torch, the last 3D modeling in the game, and put it into the game. Also, CS team has already make the game playable, we did the play testing in the meeting and every map works well.

Hours:  meeting with adviser: 1h

meeting with CS team: 6h

meeting with Digm team: 1h

Total: 8h

Positive: everything is going well.

Negative: do not know Unity`s save system, my edit file can not find after I save it.

A new modeling I was working on.


Refinement: Week 2 PPJ

Greetings Raiders!

We make a lot of improvement of the UI on the client (phone) device. Now we are using this “case folder” for the character selection scene. The buttons and the UI lay out have dramatically updated at the same time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Besides of that, I believe you have noticed already. That’s right, we have shaded all of the characters. Ivan Handabah and Dr. Walter Wattz are now shaded. They have more vivid looks in the game.

We are looking forward to see you all in game, Raiders!!

Final Quarter’s First Week: PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

Believe us, we are building this game and making it better everyday.

This week, I worked with Patrick planning out, improve and revise our phone GUI. Because the phone GUI has the most problems, it became our biggest focus point and we are going to need to revise it and  make t look good in the next couple week. I started work on the buttons as the starting point. Several new buttons are finished and added to the phone UI scene. Those are going to replace a lot of the “programmer’s art”

Patrick already posted what we have sketched so I am not going to re-post them here. As for the character selection and map selection menu, they will have a more graphical new look coming out in the following week.

In conclusion, a lot of cool things are coming out soon.

Jordie Spring Term Week 1 PPJ



For the first week of the term my Boss had scheduled me to work. (it was scheduled before the team meet times) Thankfully my team filled me after the fact.

This past Monday we discussed with Wagner where we were as a team and our general concerns about how GDC as well as the programmer’s deadlines will affect the rest of our production. It was reassuring to get his opinion.


This is including some of the work I did over break as well as week 10.

• I worked on the marketing budget as well as gave the final OK for the team to present to the budget for review with EGS (4 hrs) 

• I honestly don’t remember when but I worked with Resh on our spring ghannt or at least the initial one before we formalized our deadlines this term. (3.5 hrs)

• Over break I asked the company email as well as continued to monitor and post on our social media accounts. We’ve actually been getting messages and things which has been interesting to see. (1 hr)

• I worked on updating our posters for the ECGC that we’ll need to be printing. Now that we have our budget approved I have to also make sure our 6 feet vertical banners are ready to go for print this week. (2 hrs)

• I gathered our marketing materials for round one for senior project requirements, it was interesting to collect everything in one place, getting everything from concept to concept mock ups to alpha state to beta state was amazing to see our progress. (1.5 hrs)

Total hours: 13 hrs


• We’re ready to go for this term!


• I didn’t get to attend two meetings because of work

Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (3/29 to 4/4)

Assessing deadlines is the name of the game this week. CS Side needs to have a certain amount of time to test out their code, presentations need to be planned and executed, ECGC is at the door, and we have marketing materials to print.

That being said this week was mostly utilized for planning the rest of the term on every front we could imagine. Our internal deadlines had to be reset to match better with the CS side’s needs as well as double checking senior project requirements. We’re mostly set up for everything moving forward and we know who is doing what tasks, when they need to be done by, and just how much time we really have.

Which isn’t much, at most it’s about 7 more weeks for our last deadline for game updates. After that we’ll have to call it quits until after senior show to manage our game’s release date to the public.

This week the team started our with a Monday advisor meeting followed by senior project class on Tuesday, with a digm meeting on Friday. Within those meetings our need to prep for ECGC was in full swing. We’re entering our heavy playtesting and polishing phase now.

First thing to be reworked based on our last playtesting data was our phone GUI. Pat and Jimmy have a modified design that will be finished implementing this upcoming week. This Monday (not last Monday) we made a final decision on characters to go a more shaded route until we can get more playtesting data to support the decision. Jimmy and Jordie will be taking care of that.

It was pointed out to us more than once about our first pass of the maps we presented at beta. And thus Environment models, secondary models, and especially textures for our three maps will be handled by Resh and JD for this upcoming week. Marketing Materials for GDC are being wrapped up this coming week and will be sent to the printers ASAP. Everything is looking good and everyone is on schedule.