Jordie Spring Term Week 5 PPJ

Press Kit Start

This was a slow week for me, overall. Recovering from ECGC as well as catching up on homework was a lot to handle at once.

The first important thing for us to do was to create a survey as well as send it to all the lovely people we met at ECGC that gave us their email. Which went pretty well and we got some survey data to improve things moving forward. And now we also have a Newsletter that we can use from now on to keep people updated with all of our improvements moving forward as a studio.

Newsletter/Survey Format

Next was the press kit. And while it’s not done, nor ready to show to the public, but it’s completely formatted with most of the information in it. I’ll have more of our marketing materials done soon but this is a good start. We also got some pictures on our Instagram from the event and used our twitter to have some fun.

Overall while this week was more “slow” than our normal weeks it was mostly focused on getting our stuff together for philly tech week and preparing for the beginning of senior show presentations.

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